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What needs to be done to keep good mental health

Our biggest problem is, we give as much importance to physical illness, and not to the mental illness. We practice to keep body good, we accept food by following the rules, but mental health prevents us from neglecting. However, a person's physical fitness will come when he can stay mentally healthy.

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Mental health and wellness awareness is the first step

1. Get in touch with friends and family

Family, friends then; These are those people who love you the most. As much as they can stay, the more peace will be there. We often do one thing that is not right at all. That is, we keep our mental problems in our own hands. Do not open it in front of anyone. But our family and friends are our greatest mental doctors.

A psychiatric doctor has benefited much more than an hour's counseling, with little sincerity in our near ones, with a little support. The present era is just a corporate era. But we have to keep in mind that the relationships do not get lost in this corporate age, at least for our mental well-being.

At least one day a week is in our hands for these nearby people. One day when you open your eyes with the near ones, you will see that the stress of the whole week will be gone forever.

2. Keep in touch with similar people

Keep in touch with what you like, the person who shows interest in the same things. Clubbing is the only way to communicate with these same people. If you are interested in debate, join the debit club. If you like reading books, join the textbooks. If you are interested in physical exercise, join the gym.

If you do not like the club, you can create a club with some people depending on what you like to do.

3. Work as a volunteer

There are many organizations in our country that work with many volunteers. If you want to work as a volunteer in one place or in many places. That would be too much bigger work to be volunteering, but not so. You can help a blind person cross the road if you want. If you do these things, there are many mental peace.

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4. Do hobby work

Every man has a hobby in which he needs to be. The people who know how to do hobbies, they suffer less than depression because others do not give them respite to depression.

So make a hobby of yourself. Badminton or cricket may start from sewing or cooking. The lazy brain is called, the Devil's Workshop. During our idle time, we have a lot of bad thoughts in our head that make us mentally ill.

5. Stay active

As I said at the beginning, do not let the mind ever become lazy. Always be in the job. Then the mind will be good too.

6. Keep eating well

For the recovery of protein and omega three is good for the brain. So always try to keep the Omega Three and Protein foods in between meals. Omega three is available in marine fish oil. Drink plenty of water and avoid unhealthy foods as much as possible. Maintain innovation every day in the menu of food.

7. Sufficient sleeping

Every day go to sleep quickly. Do not sleep enough and do not relax, close the eyes for 10 minutes and relax.

8. Learn something new

Learn to do something new. This will increase your skill, time will be spent, and the mind will be well.

9. Stay well now

The old anxieties are not good at present. It would have been better if that was not the case - so there is no need to worry about it again.

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