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Want to become a queen? So follow these 7 tips

Who does not want to be fair So many people are not left behind to spend thousands of money. Some people want to reach the goal by adding a whitening cream in the morning and afternoon. All these creams are working at all? The answer is, not at all. Because all these beauty products in the market contain excessive amount of chemicals, which can not change the color of the skin, reverses the skin in the opposite direction. In fact, the skin color depends largely on the gene. If you are very smart in your family, then your skin color will also be shining.

There are a few more things that depend on your skin's perfection. So the doctors have always used the cream of the froth to give feedback about the color of the skin. All these creams do not help with skin. Rather, they damage the skin in many ways. That is why experts advised to use realistic material to become clever, experts say. In context, following the methods discussed in this article, I can say that your skin will start to shine sooner. What's waiting then Let's know about these easy, their effective methods to be fair.

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Milk, lemon juice and honey:

To make the skin shine, all these components are a great help. Mix all the ingredients with 1 spoon first. Then put this paste in the mouth. Wash for a while. In fact, if you use this paste every day, the skin color will start to shine sooner.

Oats and Yogurt:

There is no substitute for this blend to make the skin white. It reduces pigmentation as well as eliminating skin diarrhea. As a result the skin starts to shine. Soak the amount of oats in the water all night long. Next day, make oats and mix it with yogurt and make a paste. Applying this paste to your face every day will yield great results.


It contains large amounts of bleaching agents, which play an important role in reducing the skin to brightness and shine at a very short time. Take a potato and collect his juice. Then put it all over the face. If you can do this every day, then your skin color begins to change.

Banana and Almond Oil:

Take care of the amount of bananas. Then mix it well with 1 spoon of almond oil, two ingredients. In fact, the banana will chaatake until it is being paste. Keep the face pack made of banana and almond oil with a face less than 20 minutes. Then wash it.

Yellow and flour:

Make a paste by adding milk or water to 1 teaspoon of flour and 1 spoon of turmeric powder. Then put it well and leave it for 15 minutes. At the end of the day, this paste is done with a face massage, so if you do this then the skin color starts to return.

Papaya and honey:

There are some enzymes in the papaya, which can make the skin look good in the hiding of the skin hiding inside the skin. Besides, this fruit plays an important role in protecting the skin from harmful effects of the sun. As a result, the skin does not get the chance to tan. Mix half a cup of honey with half a cup of papaya. Then put the mixture in the mouth and leave it for 20 minutes. When the time comes, wash the mouth thoroughly with water.

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Tomato and Dye Paste:

Take the amount of fresh tomato with amount. Then mix it with yogurt and make a face pack. In fact, both tomato and yogurt have large amounts of bleaching agents, which are a great way to make skin bright. After two days, face packs will face your skin and see how bright your skin will become.

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