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The symptoms that you see in your body diabetes

Diabetes is such a disease. Called a silent killer. Diabetes is in control when it comes to medicines, body exercises and eating-and-drink rules. However, it is not possible to completely cure diabetes. So, recognizing physical symptoms at the right time, if you can be sure of the presence of diabetes, it is possible to get long normal life through rapid treatment. Let's take a look at the early signs of diabetes.

Increasing thirst and urine levels:

There are two common symptoms of diabetes mellitus that are thirsty or frequent urine velocity. Generally a healthy person pervades 6-7 times throughout the day. To change the environment or situation 4-10 times urine is also normal. More than that, consult a doctor.

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Increased hunger:

One of the three major signs of diabetes is the increase in appetite. Due to hunger and hunger even after eating food repeatedly. If so, consult a doctor.

Feeling of fatigue or fatigue:

Consult a doctor if you feel tired all day after a long enough sleep. Because of diabetes, the body does not get enough glucose. Besides, due to excess urine, water balance in the body is damaged. So the body becomes tired and depressed.

Abnormal weight loss:

Unusual weight loss is one of the most common symptoms of diabetes without any special change in diet or athletics. Due to diabetes, the body does not get enough glucose. There is a shortage of necessary energy in the body. And the body started using its fat to meet that deficit. As a result, the body gradually became weak and weighed down.

Darkness on skin:

Anthracia ignorance is a type of skin problem, which causes slippery on some parts of the skin and there is a black dye. The skin problem is usually seen in the back of the neck, elbows, bulges, fingers, knees. In most cases this problem of skin is considered to be one of the primary symptoms of diabetes.

Skin irritation:

Due to diabetes, water balance in the body is damaged. As a result the skin becomes dry and rough. The infection on the surface of dry skin occurs. Skin itching, irritation causes discomfort. Another reason for skin infections or itching is East Infection, which is a very common problem for diabetes sufferers.

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Blurred sight:

If the eye suddenly becomes vague or blurred, and if there is no problem for the eye, then it should be understood that it is due to diabetes problems. Eyes swelled due to varying levels of fluid inside the body. As a result, the vision suddenly becomes obscure or blurred. If so, consult a doctor.

Take time to heal wounds:

It is considered to be the primary symptom of diabetes if it is too much time to dry or wither through the body. If that happens, then consult a doctor quickly.
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