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Physical Illness and Mental Health

Why do depression or anxiety tendency increase due to a severe physical illness?
• Depression and anxiety tendency increases due to stress for any reason. The illness of illness and illness creates stress. It seems that this is the most probable cause.
• Some medicines (such as steroids) affect brain activity. It can cause depression or anxiety.
• Some diseases, such as inactive thyroid gland, affect brain activity. It can also cause depression or anxiety.
• Both depression and anxiety are seen in many areas of the general population. So, together with anxiety or depression, you may have physical disorders.

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There are 10 signals that indicate need counseling for your mental health

In which case does your depression or anxiety tend to increase?
If there is a physical illness, if your mental illness increases the tendency
• You are previously anxious or depressed
• You have no relatives or friends with whom you can talk about your illness
• You are female (more than women in men's grief or anxiety tendency)
• There are many more stress in your life, such as divorce, death of loved ones, going to work etc.
• You have a lot of pain
• Your illness may be lethal
• You are unable to do your own work for the disease
• The time that your depression or anxiety tendency increases
• When you first know about your illness
• After major surgeries, or if your treatment is more troublesome
• If he is recovering after some time he is ill. If the second time the heart is stopped, or after a decrease in cancer, then it will be excessive
• If the treatment is not practical
When should you seek help? If you are depressed or anxious
• Exceeds the level; Such anxiety or depression has not occurred before you
• Over time, its prevalence is not decreasing
• Relationships with your activities, hobbies, relatives and friends are deteriorating.
• It seems that life does not have any meaning, or if you do not, then it is good for everyone
• You may not understand that if you are depressed
• You feel that your inconvenience is due to physical illness
• Do you feel lazy or weak?
Others may give you assurance about this. They may say that seeking help is not a sign of misery. Some people drown in their work to deal with depression or anxiety. In some cases it is working, but in many cases it becomes more tired. Sometimes depression or anxiety can cause headache, insomnia or whole body pain.
Your friends or relatives can talk to someone about this, they can help you. But if you do not get it, you can talk to your doctor or nurse.

Is it advisable to ask for help?
When we are physically ill, we may hesitate to ask for assistance. It might seem
• There is no reason to complain about your problems
• You do not want people to think you are ungrateful, so that you are complaining about your doctor or nurse
• You feel that if you have psychological difficulties, you may have difficulty treating your physical illness
• You may think that the doctor or nurse will look after your physical ailments, there is no headache for their mental inconvenience

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Mental health and wellness awareness is the first step

It is just that we realize that someone can be depressed or worried if someone has a physical illness. That does not mean there is nothing to do with it. Doctor or nurse want your overall fitness. Your depression or anxiety is involved. They can help you
• Knowing the worries that you feel in this situation
• Do you know enough about your disease and its treatment?
• Helping you express your feelings
• Determine whether you need treatment for anxiety or depression

How to treat depression or anxiety?
There are many professionals who can help you. Among them are your home doctors, counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychiatrists. The medical method will depend on your symptoms, on the severity of your depression or anxiety, and your surroundings. Never talk about its treatment, sometimes using gluten-free pills, sometimes or both.

That is the treatment by talking
It may be difficult to express your true feelings, even close friends. It is relatively easy to go to professional. He can show you the way to solve problems, and help you to assess your problems. The treatment that comes through talking, is usually not long-term, and does not require more than eight sessions. You can show the therapist singly or with a group. If it is your partner or carer, then it is better to be involved in it. There may be many treatments by speech, but in some cases it is applicable
• mutual trust between the physician and the therapist
• Opportunity to talk openly about your thoughts and problems
• Anxiety, cumbersome feelings and efforts to solve the problem

What will it profit?
Talking to someone just seems frightening or meaningless. But, once started, most of the sufferers (hard-bodied patients) benefit from it.

How does it work?
Your ideas about what's going on in your mind will be obvious.
It will be easy to deal with your thoughts, feelings, and problems. You can believe that you are not giving any opinion about it, if you can talk to such a person, it is beneficial.

How long does it take to work?
Some people work from the very beginning. It only takes light if you can talk about your thoughts. Others take a few weeks.

Breathless pills
If your depression or anxiety is severe or prolonged, it may be beneficial if you take some antidepressant pills for some time. This reduces the severity of depression or anxiety, and they can again face their problems and enjoy life. These are not sleep pills, although they will ease you to reduce your tiredness. It also works in pain or sleep problems.

What will work immediately?
Probably not. Here are the differences of the glaucoma pills with other medicines. Do not work instantly. Do not reduce depression in the first two weeks. Some of the symptoms are already relieved. For example, after a few days, many people notice that their anxiety is reduced or sleep is good.

What is the side effect?
Just like all medicines, there are some side effects of glaucoma pills. These are usually; It is not very serious and during treatment, it gradually decreases its incidence. Different antidepressant pills work differently. What your doctor can tell you is that. He would like to know whether you have any concerns. If needed, you can use pain medicine, antibiotics or contraceptive pills with it. But do not drink too much. The use of alcohol and anticonvulsant pills together has the potential to get more sleep. Your doctor will tell if there is a problem with taking a medicinal pills with the treatment that is going on for your physical illness.

You can help yourself by yourself
In addition to professional help, you will find the benefits of doing it yourself
• Tell your loved one about your thoughts. You might be surprised-it is not painful, maybe it will reduce your pain.
• Ask your doctor about your illness. Know what you have to say about your treatment or illness. Know, it is easy to deal with you.
• Eat balanced foods. If you are unhappy for anxiety or depression, you may lose weight. This can increase the incidence of your physical illness.
• Try to bring a consistency between your illness and your life. This position is somewhere in between "It can not be done for illness" and "I will do it despite illness".
• Take care of yourself. Exercise, relax and work your daily routine.
• Do not try to bring joy through excessive drinking. This can increase your depression and anxiety. Your reaction may also be with your medicine.
• Do not get too confused if sleep disturbed. Depression or anxiety can cause sleep problems. If your mind condition improves, then it will be okay.
• Do not raise, reduce or stop, do not talk to the doctor. Speak to the doctor before using some other herbal ingredients. If there is any cure side effect, tell your doctor or nurse. Do not tolerate your face.

How can other family members or friends help?
In most cases, friends or relatives first notice that depression or anxiety occurs on someone's physical illness. If you have a depressed person, ask him to take help. Tell him that depression and anxiety are many, and treatment is completely cured in most cases. If you show any professional (eg psychiatrist or psychologist), it is not a sign of misery, or the reason for the downfall of the parent or his family.
• Spend time with someone who is depressed or anxious. Do not tickle them, encourage them. Encourage them to talk or do everyday things.
• Assure those who are depressed or distressed that they will be well, although at the time they can not believe this.
• Ask them to eat a balanced diet and refrain from excessive drinking.
• If they are depressed or anxious, or they say that there is no profit or survival from living, then they will give enough importance to it. Doctors or nurses are fully aware of this.
• It is advisable to treat unhealthy person If you have any comments about the treatment, you tell the doctor.

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