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Mental health and wellness awareness is the first step

Most recently, more than 100 countries have been observed in 'World Mental Health Day-017'. The International Organization 'World Federation of Mental Health' has been celebrated worldwide since 1992, this day. Like other countries in the world, in our country, public and private organizations and organizations organize different programs on the occasion of the day. The theme of the 25th year of this day was 'Emotional Health at Work'.

Although there is no correct statistics of actual mental patients in our country, according to the research conducted by the National Mental Health Institute, the number of people having no mental problem in the country of 16 million people is more than 2 crores. According to the World Health Organization, 32 billion people in the world are depressed. In Bangladesh, the number is more than 70 million. There are many people in the world who do not know they are suffering from mental illness. This year, the WHO determines the theme of 'World Health Day-2017', 'Let's Talk About Sadness', by realizing the horrors of the spread of mental illness around the world. According to the World Health Organization, by 2030, depression will be the first Emerging Disease.

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The risk of mental illness increases the risk of suicidal tendencies multiplied. The second major cause of death among 15 to 29 years of age is frustrating. According to a survey conducted among 13 to 17 year olds in different schools conducted in 2014, seven percent of the age group of 13 to 17 years in Bangladesh have attempted suicide, and eight percent have planned suicide. According to the same survey data, five percent of the ages mentioned above can not sleep at night due to teenage anxiety. 11 percent of all time or most of the time suffer from loneliness and there are no eight percent friends.

As physical health refers to our whole body, our feelings of feeling, emotions, feeling, thoughts, and all the above, we can say mental illness to our mental health. We emphasize physical health as well, and mental health also demands the same importance. But the problem is, we do not think too much about our mental health. Even in most cases, mental illness is not considered to be a disease or illness. But for good health, we need healthy body and mind. At present, the incidence of mental illness has increased in the world. Other causes of psychosocial civilization including urbanization, socio-economic status, stress, inheritance and other physiological reasons have spread and have occurred. Although the awareness of mental illness has increased so far in the developed world, but in our country, there is still no increase in public awareness of mental illness. It is found in our country, patients who do not go to the doctor even after suffering from mental problems for a long time due to shame and fear. And those who come, they are at the last stage of the psychiatrist. But the fear of the disease increased. However, if the treatment of mental illness is treated early then it is possible to cure the disease quickly. According to the research, those who are not suffering from mental disorder, they go to the doctor more than a healthy mental health and those who are suffering from anxiety disorders, after 90 years of psychological treatment, their hospitalization decreased by 90 percent.

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The signs of mental illness such as lack of enthusiasm and self-confidence in life, hopelessness, helplessness, frustration, self-guilt, sleeping or sleeping in the slightest, loss of memory, loss of decency, suicidal tendencies etc. Those who suffer from diabetes, arthritis, respiratory problems, cancer, stroke, heart diseases and chronic diseases, are more likely to suffer from mental illness than three to four times higher than normal people. Besides, poverty, unemployment, loneliness, problems of family and social relations, marriages, exile life, immigration, marital favors and drug addiction increases the risk of developing mental illness.

It is important to remedy or solve quickly through proper treatment without having to wait for mental problems. It is possible to improve mental illness primarily if it starts treatment after knowing that mental illness is related to the prevention and treatment of mental illness. In this case, first step is to talk to the patient and the person or guardian. Along with this, regular medicines should be taken at the doctor's advice. There will never be any discrimination for mental illness. Avoiding prejudice or other conventional ideas. Otherwise, the patient will not be able to take the necessary treatment because of the problem.

Apart from this, stress can play a positive role in keeping our mental health healthy, proper distribution of family life and work, spending time with a loved one, feeling good with them, talking about physical health, and regular sleep.

This year, the theme of mental health day was mental health at work. It is currently seen that most of our days have to spend working. In that case, excessive work can get affected by our mental problems, which can be a great obstacle to success in the work. Mental problems make the working environment very difficult. There is no self-confidence due to mental problems, there is a negative impact on attention, learning or decision making. In many cases, the owners may think that their idea of ​​the organization's mental health is totally incomprehensible. But mental health of the staff has a very negative effect on its performance, which ultimately has a bad effect on the organization. According to the Center for Prevention and Health, the reduction in efficiency, the number of absence, increases the cost of healthcare, and the employee's mental illness affects 79 to 105 billion rupees annually. So, the officials of the organization should encourage their employees to take a leave of their mental well-being, not be allowed to work extra time outside work hours and to be aware of their mental health on a regular basis.

We have to raise awareness and public awareness about mental health. In this regard, we have to start awareness programs from our family and school level. Instead of superstition, we should discuss mental health and its well-being with the scientific perspective. Organize seminars, discussion meetings and counseling sessions on mental health. To ensure the participation of such programs, mass media and social media will have to be promoted. In this way awareness of mental health will increase among all, first and foremost, main and effective steps to prevent mental illness.

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