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Know the 20 ways to survive diabetes

Not only the old man, many young people may now be suffering from diabetes. Because there is no direct cure for diabetes, it has to be controlled if it is attacked. But there are some ways to keep diabetes away if you keep it from before. This article contains some of the ways in which there is awareness of diabetes. In a report, the Times of India reported.

1. Get to know diabetes

Diabetes is caused by abnormalities in blood sugar levels in the body's insulin imbalance. It is good to know about diabetes while having time. Before this, awareness of the disease can be developed in advance.

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2. Decrease the quantity of food

Eating excessive diets is one of the reasons for diabetes. Due to this, the amount of food should be reduced beforehand. You can take a small amount of food in small plates to reduce food intake. In addition to eating a glass of water before eating it can reduce the amount of food.

3. Do physical exercises

If you practice regular physical exercises, it will benefit your health in many ways. Especially in the body weight control, keeping away from various diseases has its role. Diseases like diabetes are also far away.

4. Weight loss

If the weight of the body increases, it can lead to diabetes. So body weight control is very important in preventing diabetes.

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5. Red flour meal

Eating red flour and bread and other foods, apart from whipped white flour. This will reduce your risk of diabetes.

6. Give importance to morning breakfast

Breakfast is a very important meal. It is not okay to miss it ever. Adding protein in the morning breakfast reduces the hunger all day long. The body remains healthy as well as diabetes.

7. Remove fat foods

Fast food shops have junk foods and other unhealthy foods that have high saturated fat, which can increase your blood cholesterol. It also increases blood sugar levels. So these foods should be omitted.

8. Remove the sweet potatoes

If you try, leave the habit of drinking sweet drinks or soft drinks. Basically any sweet drinks are harmful. So leave these drinks completely.

9. Eat healthy food

If you can use fresh fruit or salad without avoiding unhealthy pizza or fast food to help prevent the hunger of the afternoon, it will help you with diabetes.

10. Eat vegetables

Many people are not interested in eating vegetables. Although vegetables can benefit you a lot. So keep your diet every day in adequate vegetables.

11. Stay stress free

Excessive stress can increase your blood sugar levels. Keep yourself away from stress because of this. Practice yoga, meditation and breathing if needed.

12. Sleep well

Sleeping from seven to eight hours at night. This will reduce the pressure on your body and keep away from diseases like diabetes. Due to lack of sleep, the body's immune system is damaged.

13. Eat fiber foods

Eat plenty of vegetables and foods that contain plenty of fiber. This will reduce the risk of your Type-2 diabetes. Keep at least 25 to 30 grams of fiber food every day in the diet. Blood sugar levels are in control.

14. Drink plenty of water

Drinking enough water every day will make it easier to control blood sugar levels. It will be easy to operate on different organs of the body. Due to lack of adequate water, there can be many body problems.

15. Check health

In most cases the symptoms of diabetes remain silently. Because of this, diabetes sufferers can not understand it. As a result, the situation is complex. That is why regular health check-up is necessary.

16. Accept the sun

Vitamin D increases the effectiveness of insulin in the body. And the sunset is one of the ways to take vitamin D So taking the sunny sunset, diabetes is away.

17. Eat a delicious meal

German studies have found that cinnamon rich foods help to keep diabetes away. So use different spices including cinnamon in the food.

18. Eat sour food

Sia plays a role in preventing diabetes. So prevent diabetes by eating soy meal. It plays a role in reducing blood sugar levels.

19. Drink Green Tea

Drink regular green tea. It contains various elements of antioxidant, which plays a role in reducing blood sugar.

20. Abstain from smoking

Smoking increases the likelihood of diabetes. This is because the hormonal changes in the body. For this reason, smoking should be avoided to stay away from diabetes.

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