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How to Control Diabetes – Follow the Fundamental Guideline

Diabetes is increasing but also preventable diseases. Even the condition of diabetes is still very important nowadays.


In America, 25% of people have pre-diabetes. This situation looks quite well in the country also. Blood sugar is more than normal but diabetes is not reachable. If this happens, then in 10 years, it is completely diabetes. However, only 4% of the people are aware of this. The problem is that those who know less than half of their body weight are more likely to reduce their risk by lowering, eating less, exercising more and less. There are some good practices that can prevent pre-diabetes if practiced. Removal of big problems, lifelong medicines and blood sugar can be avoided. Hudarog, Alzheimer's disease, and other major health risks can also be avoided. So what is the harm in the strategy? Food, vitamins, shrubs, even the attitude of the mind is not a big tool to resist it.

Take a look at how much body the weight is?

We know what to lose weight by just 10 pounds of weight, too much risk. Even if very obese people lose weight only 5%, even if you do not exercise, you can reduce the risk of 75% of diabetes. Low Calorie Sounds Magic.

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Want a proper appetite extension

Vegetables, salat is good. Before eating carbohydrate, there will be blood sugar in the stomach while playing green leafy vegetables and salads. In the study of ArizonaTestat University, type 2 diabetes patients or insulin resensens problems, which have been found to reduce blood sugar after eating 2 tablespoons of Viagogara before eating lots of starchy foods. Vinegar contains acetic acid, which inactivates enzymes to reduce the accumulation of stomach and reduces leukemia. Said chief researcher Carroll Johnston. The effect of vinegar on blood sugar is similar to diabetes medicines (prakoz). Eating vegetables and salads before eating; Three table spoons of vinegar, two table spoons of Tishil, onekua garlic (chicha), one cup of honey, one tablespoon honey, two tablespoons of curd, salt and pepper and lettucepatha.

Hit as much as possible

A study of the finish has found that all people have exercised more than 4 hours a day or 35 minutes a day - their risk of diabetes decreased by 80%, even if they do not lose weight, only walk. Why exercise is so good? Why is walking so healthy? Studies have shown that the increase in the number of insulin receptors of the cervical cells increases. It can use hormone insulin more effectively in the body. Insulin helps blood sugar to penetrate into the cell, the body burns the glucose to the power and nutrients. So go less in the transportation, walk more.

Accept proper grains

It is easy to have slim if you choose the right crop. Blood sugar is also in control. Lowering the rate of breast cancer, lower type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke. High fiber grains are good. Like barley, corn is pretty good. Wheat, flour, dhichita rice, sugar, sugar and sugar, dextrose, molasses and sugar.

Drink coffee

The Harvard School of Public Health study found that 3 to 4 copies of coffee decreased 29-54% of diabetes risk. Caffeine is working. Tea and chocolate too. Metabolism promotes caffeine. The big source of caffeine is in the coffee, more potassium, magnesium and anti-oxidants, and glucose absorption aids.

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Fast food no more

Scientists at the University of Minnesota have been studying over 15,000 years of 18-30 years of 18-30 years, rarely play fast food, but those who have taken regular fastfoods are at risk of diabetes. Skeptic. Many fast foods contain unhealthy transit and sugar risk.

Eat regular leafy vegetables

If you have to eat chicken, khasir khasir, then in case of Bhadre. Rarely At a festival Rather eat regular colored vegetables and fish.

Eat spicy foods

Cinnamon has a great effect on blood sugar. German researchers found that a group of cinnamon powder in one gram pudding reduced blood sugar to 10%. Cinnamon contains ingredients that enable enzyme stimulating insulin receptors. Sweet spices also reduce blood cholesterol and fat.

Relax every day

When the body is active, the body is active. The body is excited. Heart beat is fast Breath is fast Feeling butterflies in the stomach. Blood Sugar also gets topped If you are under pressure, you have to stay in the body. Do not fight or flee. For this reason, blood sugar is being used to face sugar. Said Richard Sarroute, author of Mind-Body Diabetes Revoltation. If you have insulin resistance in the body, then blood will get accumulated and blood flow. The crunchy sunny sugar that keeps on top. The good news is that the strategies for tackling little relaxation and other stress can control blood sugar. For example,

Start the day with yoga exercises, meditation, by walking.

Before answering the phone, three deep, slow breathing. Before starting the car, before giving the kids lunch, before starting any work. On the day of the closing, visit the family with everyone. Have fun

It should be sunny at night

A study by Yale University found that people who have less than 6 hours of sleeping nights regularly have a risk of diabetes, compared to those who are 8 hours sleeping. The nervous system is very sensitive to sleeping or too much sleep (for slip apply), in which blood sugar regulatory hormone is disrupted. A study in Columbia University found that those who sleep less than 5 hours have twice the risk of high blood pressure. Should not take tea-coffee, chocolate from the afternoon for sun-rises. Come to work in the office, do not bring home work. Do not watch Latenit TV. Sleep with a mobile off

Stay with your partner, stay with friends and friends

All women who live in poor health are more likely to have diabetes than two and a half times more families. Researchers have similar opinion: published. It is equally applicable for men. So stay lucky all the time.

Blood tests

Simple Sugar Testing of Blood Sugar If pre-diabetes is between 100-125 blood sugar. 10 years of full diabetes. Diet should be between the change in life-style, weight loss, lifestyle changes and disciplines.

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