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There are 10 signals that indicate need counseling for your mental health

Do you feel different from others? Are your feelings very intense? Absolutely disabling? Ask yourself these questions and more questions to find out if you need a professional / specialist treatment for your mental health.

One people Around four people of the world are suffering from any type of mental illness, including depression, anxiety, personality and emotional disorders. Unfortunately, only 40˗65% of people are in the real sense of mental taking treatment, with moderate to severe symptoms.

So few people take treatment for so few people because they do not take mental health seriously. When someone has a cold and cough, they go to a family doctor for treatment. They take a leave from work or school and watch the movie lying on the bed, taking rest for the maximum use of their physical resistance. For hundreds of years people understand that this is what is needed to overcome the body virus or other physical illness.

When it comes to the treatment of mental health, how many people should take care of themselves and, of course, when they are unaware of it.

The symptoms of the most common psychiatric disorders can be seen in various levels of intense feelings, sad episodes, glee behavior and more. Everyone goes through misery and overwhelming feelings. It is the natural part of human behavior. The problem is that people can not distinguish between normal and unusual.

Mental health and physical health are equally important.

Research says that when mental health is properly treated, physical health problems decrease. For example, a study found that those who are not suffering from mental illness, they are twice as likely to have doctors as healthy mental health. Another study found that people who are suffering from anxiety disorders reduce mental health after 90% of their hospitalization.

If untreated, anxiety disorders and other mental health disorders can lead to cardiovascular disease, ulcers and reduce physical resistance. On the other hand, good mental health strengthens a healthy relationship with a person, taking good personalities of life, managing the normal rise of life, strengthens humans to grow to the highest state of life, and they increase their chances of good physical health.
When should you go for the treatment of mental health?

Still, there are many social negative attitudes about therapeutic treatment or other ways of therapy. But no one is ashamed to go to their family doctor for physical illness, neither should a psychologist or counselor / medical psychologist should be ashamed to get help with mental health issues.

But how do you understand when you need to take care of mental health? How can you separate the feeling of floating feeling and a true mental health? It is important that you have the following questions:

1. How intensely your feelings are?

Experiencing life is normal for everyone, as discussed above. But, what you need to ask yourself is how fast are those uppermosts and often you feel it?
If you feel completely captivated by feeling, whether it is anger, misery, or even happiness, and if it appears very intense then there may be an internal matter behind it. When something unexpected and challenging happens, do you think of the worst situation first?
If so, you may be suffering from anxiety or anxiety disorders.

2. Do your feelings in your daily life or make it difficult?
Are these intense feelings back to your expecting life? Do you often miss out on the workforce due to grief or anxiety or avoid socializing with friends? Do not eat food often? If your feelings have negative effects in your life, mental health treatment will help you to return to your life and follow the right guidance.

3. Do you continue to see a painful incident repeatedly?

Examples of difficult situations are the death of a loved one, loss of a partner or a job loss, in cases where counseling is needed. It takes time for everyone to recover from these things, but when you can not stop eating them again and again, you can not stop going to depression, it is known as depression symptoms and if it is not treated it can easily cause acute depression.
In some cases, those who are affected by the harrowing experience are easily behaving very flutterously, spending more time with friends, sleeping or being unnecessary / unnecessary expenses or party / festivities are a warning sign that the person is not responding properly to his condition and needs medical treatment or counseling. may be.
4. Do you have continuous headaches, stomach ache or physical resistance?

Mental health issues that have not been treated, especially if the stress or anxiety that has not been resolved often creates physical symptoms such as daily headache, stomach bad, often cold or flu, neck pain, decrease in sexual needs and others. In some cases, these symptoms are similar to those of other diseases, so it is very important to talk to your doctor about the symptoms of any symptoms.

5. Do you try to reduce the intensity of feeling by using medicines / drugs or alcohol?

If you often drink alcohol or medicines / drugs, or often drink or drink more often, you are not only trying to solve problems rather than just tackling the problem, but rather risking yourself more addictive.
It has been proved in the study that in this way, 12% of the researchers taking the medicine themselves will be taken to addiction by taking the participants towards anxiety-related diseases.

6. Do you think that 'tried everything' to solve the problem and it will not go away?

If you have tried all kinds of 'right', such as exercising more, talking about your feelings with friends and family, finding friends and family online and finding a support team online and you still feel the same ˗ It is a signal that your professional / expert Counselor or therapist needs help.

7. Are you getting negative feedback in your career or school?

When your mental state becomes predictable in school or workplace, you may need help from your professionals / specialists while staying sick, not getting enough time to finish, decreasing performance. If you are not treated, you can leave your job or drop off from the cup, which will ultimately make your current mental health worse and make everything worse.

8. Have you lost your usual hobbies and love for the program?

You love to read your favorite books lying under the tree, meet your friends at the yoga classes on Thursday, or dance outside on weekends. But now you feel that these activities have lost their attractiveness and you look at yourself more alone in the house, looking at television or in a negative thought.

It is very normal for those who are suffering from mental disorders to feel isolated with 'world outside'.

9. Do your relationships seem to be painful?

If you are sorry about yourself, you will probably convince yourself that others do the same thing. You might think that people are attacking you, which are not actually doing it. You may become vulnerable because you may not be able to catch your real feelings and why it may be difficult to reveal to the near person, and you may begin to feel uneasy about one wall between you and others near you.

Get professional help before you lose relationships. In some cases, these people should be included in your mental health treatment program, but your therapist or counselor will give you guidance on when it is needed and what is the best time for it. For anyone to know about what is going on inside, before going to be a friend, family, and romantically available.

10. Do you express their concerns about what?

In order to understand the situation from within you often it is easy to observe this situation of people close to you from outside. Keep in mind that if a close friend or family responds to your behavior or if you have talked with someone about your feelings, keep in mind. Being honest and tackling this situation in a way that does not give you a bad feeling or hurting you will be very difficult for many. So if they talk to you about this, it is very likely that you should consult them and talk to the specialist.
Receiving treatment for your mental health needs

Contrary to mental illness, social evil does not appear to help you to look for help in mental health. Anyone who is suffering from depression, anxiety or feelings, they will understand that you can not get out of 'through the turtle' which many people have tried to tell you. No matter how much you try to help yourself, mental illnesses may be completely disabled / disabled.

If you can match yourself with any of the above situations then you need to talk to a counselor / medical psychologist very quickly. As soon as you get the proper treatment for these diseases, you will be able to return to your expectant and capable life. Talk to a counselor / clinical psychologist today to start your journey on your healing and personal self-esteem.

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